Tenants fighting homelessness whilst landlords cash in

Source: The Argus Newspaper By Gemma Hicks-Logan BRITAIN was once known for its bullish buy-to-let housing market; which landlords relied upon to fill their increasing pension pots. However; it seems this is now no longer the case. Stamp duty surcharges; mortgage tapering relief, rising interest rates and Brexit uncertainties, have all meant that this once flourishing[…]

Want to know why your Letting Agent is lying to you? And how landlords can increase their rents with a corporate tenant?

Source: By Gemma Hicks-Logan – The Argus Newspaper Did you know that it’s likely a corporate letting company has approached your letting agency and offered to lease your property from them? If they have, you are probably not aware of it, and your letting agency will have deliberately chosen to not discuss the lucrative offer[…]

Philanthropists Liquid Properties stops repossessions and seeks advice from Shelters interim director

By Gemma Hicks-Logan – The Argus Brighton based prop tech company, www.Liquid-Properties.com guarantees to buy your home within 14 days, or pay your mortgage until they complete. The company is quickly gaining momentum and media interest due to their unique approach, inspiring work ethic and the positive differences they possess when compared to their competitors.[…]

Brighton Based Liquid-Properties.com is changing the way people buy and sell their homes

Source: By Gemma Hicks-Logan – The Argus Newspaper Liquid Properties, a UK Brighton-based company helps people to sell their homes quickly, with a guaranteed price and with completion in as little as 14 days, and they believe that several cities throughout the UK could benefit from the unique services that they offer. Liquid Properties’ business[…]