Frequently asked questions

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What areas do you cover?

From our flagship Mayfair and trendy Brighton offices, we will quickly purchase properties in London, Brighton and Hove, Saltdean, Peacehaven, Newhaven, Seaford, Eastbourne and Bexhill, as far as Hastings along the south coast.

North of Brighton, Lewes and Burgess Hill as far as North London, and from West London throughout East London and East as far as Chelmsford.

What types of properties will you buy?

Liquid Properties will quickly purchase off-market: Studio flats, apartments, bungalows, terraced houses, semi-detached houses, detached houses, houses of multiple occupations, buy-to-let properties, buy-to-let portfolios, land without planning permission, land with planning permission, entire developments and commercial properties.

In the past we have purchased chapels, religious buildings and even public toilets for development into residential dwellings. There’s nothing we won’t consider purchasing.


No problem. We can cover the cost of the repairs ourselves, or we can make you aware of the repairs and you can cover the costs. Once we have conducted our internal inspection and valuation we will be aware of any repairs and our offer will take into account the necessary repairs.

Regardless of the condition of the property we will still proceed at the fair market price as we purchase properties in any condition, location or value.

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Already listed with an estate agent

Yes. Even if you are already listed with an estate agent you can still sell to Liquid properties. You would need to check the terms and conditions and expiration date of your existing contract, however, as some agents prevent you from selling to anybody during this contractual period. We would be happy to review your contract with the agent if you send it to us to ensure you don’t breach the terms of your contract and become liable to pay a 3rd party’s agency selling fees.

Agents and introducers

Sure! If one of your clients decides to sell to Liquid Properties one of two things may happen. If your client or agency makes us aware they are under contract with you, then we would honour the terms of your agreement with them and pay you the agreed commission on completion. However, if your client does not inform us of any agreement with another agent and we purchase directly, our offer has not factored your fees in, so we wouldn’t be in a position therefore to pay you any agency commission. The responsibility would always remain with the client to honour their direct agreement with you.

Mortgage arrears

No. If you accept our offer, we will pay off your mortgage arrears to satisfy your mortgage lender and prevent you from incurring late payment charges. We’ll also prevent you from damaging your credit file further if we clear your mortgage arrears subject to a sale.


No. We may attend your repossession or eviction hearing to satisfy your mortgage company that we are proceeding to purchase your property quickly in order to prevent it being repossessed. We can even clear your mortgage arrears with a cash advance direct to your mortgage lender of the court and we can also pay your mortgage until we have purchased your home, which will satisfy your mortgage lender and the court in order to prevent you from being evicted and losing the equity in your property.


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Warning signs and companies to avoid

If you are motivated to sell, it’s typical for you to be speaking with other companies or investors. Here’s a checklist of what you should ask, be aware of and avoid when choosing a company to sell your home to.

  1. Ridiculously high offers such as up to 100% of the market value paid. These are the signs that are too good to be true, meaning alarm bells should be ringing.
  2. Agreements that lock you in for a very long time, have penalties and don’t pay you any money for the privilege. This usually means that, once you are locked in at no expense to the buyer, they have no financial commitment. Instead, they have full control over your asset, with endless time to take a punt at selling your details onto to investors or simply putting your property on the market with an estate agent at a higher price. This puts you in a lose-lose position and causes months of uncertainty.
  3. No financial commitment. If the buyer isn’t prepared to pay a solicitor to draw up the contracts this means they are simply taking a punt at your expense and are misusing your precious time. Be wary.
  4. Upfront fees for valuations and surveys. If a buyer or company asks you to pay any fees before they can proceed be wary, as most so-called cash-buying companies make their money on making false high offers and extracting valuation and survey fees from sellers with no intention to buy. Any genuine cash-buying company will not charge any fees up front whatsoever.
  5. Be suspicious of companies who are not genuine cash-buyers; we are one of only a handful in the UK. The market is saturated with companies that purport to be a cash buyer and make false claims. They mislead vulnerable sellers when at best they are middlemen or agents whose business model captures homeowners’ property details. They will sell your details on to debt management companies and other investors looking to cash in on your vulnerable situation.
  6. Offers pulled out of the sky. Be cautious when companies make a high or very attractive offer without visiting the property themselves. This is a practice that aims to lure you in and is too good to be true, as for a company to stand by their offer, they will need to see inside your home to ascertain the features, confirm the valuation and be aware of the condition, layout etc. Once you’re on their hook, they squeeze you with price reductions once you’re financially and emotionally committed, then they apply pressure and drive their offer down.

Valuation inspection

Numerous data points make up our offer; therefore, during our physical valuation and internal inspection we are reporting on room sizes, condition, structural condition, unique features, development and resale potential. We inspect wiring and fuse boards, central heating system condition and age, the outside space, garages, outbuildings, gardens, the exterior condition, any dilapidation and more. For us to arrive at the precise valuation and guaranteed fair market offer, there are hundreds of data points we must quantify. We’ll even show you how we got to our offer.

We take 20-30 minutes to conduct the physical valuation of your home for a typical three-bedroom property. Usually one of our valuers will engage in conversation with you to find out more about what you would like to achieve and how soon you would like to achieve it. This helps us to tailor a precise selling solution that works for your personal situation, as every client’s needs are unique.


How does it work?

Liquid Properties are considerably different from house flippers. Their business model relies on sourcing considerably below market value properties usually from distressed or vulnerable sellers with no other options. House flippers usually need a 25% discount from the market value to make the deal work for them.

In comparison, Liquid Properties purchase at a very competitive price. We usually pay 90-94% of our market valuation and buy houses in any condition, from dilapidated to newly built. We don’t need the same large profit margin as we add value at our own expense to increase our returns.

We guarantee to beat any other property-buying company’s genuine direct purchase offer. All you need to do is show it to us, and we guarantee that we’ll beat it. Be warned that other cash-buying property companies lure vulnerable sellers in with a ridiculously high cash offer and, once you are on their hook and financially committed, they reduce their offer significantly, which we believe is dishonest. From day one we will make you the highest possible offer for your property and, in some cases, we may end up paying you more than we offered if we agreed to exchange, add value before completion and resell the property before we have completed. If you are interested in maximising your returns, speak to one of our advisers.

Valuing your property

Be very cautious! There are property educators (some say failed investors) in the UK that make money by selling courses to people who are wanting to learn about investing in property. What’s really popular right now is course sellers peddling how to by the property at the full market value (for people without any money or experience). They will lock you into an agreement today and hope the market rises and will sell for a higher price in the future, at your expense.

They are teaching people strategies that simply don’t work or have a high failure rate. This results in novice investors calling you from your rental property advert or putting leaflets through your door offering to buy your home in cash in 28 days or less at up to 100% of the market value.

What usually happens is the novice (thinking what they’ve learnt works) makes an inflated offer, aiming to tie you up with a long contract that gives them full control over your property for months, and then they’ll simply advertise it for sale and hope they find a buyer.

Be very cautious: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Selling in the traditional archaic way, 1 in 3 under-offer properties falls through, costing sellers thousands, 6-9 months of heartache and uncertainty trapped in a chain.

By selling direct to Liquid Properties, you cut out the middle-men, saving you thousands on agents’ fees. You’ll avoid months of uncertainty, endless viewings and the nightmare of being trapped in a slow chain with no guarantee of a sale.

We’ll guarantee to purchase your property within 60 days or we’ll pay your mortgage until we complete.

Our valuation and process is unique whereby we don’t estimate the valuation of homes based on opinion or what the house next door is advertised for. We give homeowners a precise valuation backed by our offer at the fair market value within 24 hours.

We don’t just rely on our complex algorithms to determine homeowners’ valuations. In fact, unlike other valuation methods that are reliant only on algorithms, we rely on humans to examine key data points: micro market trends, local comparables, unique property features, square footage, local conditions, supply, demand, data from 28 million homes, your input and hundreds more.

Two local market valuation experts will also support us by quantifying all of those numbers and stats to ensure our valuation is precise.

Using the latest real-time technology and algorithms, we aggregate data from 28 million homes, sold prices on the government’s land registry, Zoopla’s approved developer members’ automated valuation model, local market data, local experts and attributes of your property, all backed by property disposal and local market valuation experts to arrive at your offer. In addition, we use two local estate agents to value the properties on our behalf to further support our offer and how we reach it.

Not a penny. You can get a free valuation at any time from our website and we’ll conduct a free internal inspection to formalise our guaranteed offer. You don’t even need to register or sign up for anything so go ahead and get your free valuation.


Yes. When we make you a formal offer, we will include the provision that we will also pay your legal selling fees unless our offer states otherwise. We would pay your legal fees on legal completion, which means you would initially lodge the required amount with your solicitor, which would be refunded by us on legal completion. We would suggest a panel of solicitors for you to choose from who are specialists in quick property transactions to ensure the sale can quickly proceed without the usual delays associated with traditional solicitors who are not property specialists.

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Definitely not. We’re disposal and acquisition experts, investors, developers and businessmen. We can purchase directly using a variety of private financing methods or the existing finance on the property and pay the vendor an increased price for letting us use their finance.

Usually, we add value between exchange and completion to maximise the returns on our investment, but we understand that every seller has their own needs so we can purchase outright and directly in cash within 14-21 days if necessary.

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We offer a guaranteed purchase subject contract. From the day you accept our offer to purchase your home we immediately instruct our lawyers to commence local authority searches and land registry checks, in a similar way to an auction house. This ensures the legal pack is available to our lawyers immediately at our expense, which is approximately £750. This means we are the ones taking the risk from day one and in the event you don’t proceed and sell to us, we’ve lost £750.00 + vat in legal fees, land registry fees and local authority searches fees.

If we conduct repairs, that is at our expense too. This all means we’re financially committed from day one.

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Simply fill out our online form and tell us what makes your property unique. Or pick up the phone and call us on 01273 634 868.

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None. There are never any hidden fees to pay with Liquid Properties at any stage.

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Liquid Properties are cash buyers who use our own private funds. After purchasing properties for a very long time we have a team of solicitors in place that are used to quick exchanges and quick completions. Therefore we are in pole position to exchange on properties from 48 hours if that’s necessary to suit you. Usually, the process of accepting our offer to legal completion takes 21-28 days from the exchange of contracts.

We understand that every homeowner has different requirements. As such, we are happy to speed things up and purchase within 14 days or slow things down by exchanging contracts immediately and delaying completion by up to nine months: whatever suits you.

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Nothing. We don’t charge you any fees whatsoever. No fees upfront and we’ll even contribute up to £500 towards your legal costs when selling directly to us. If another company is charging valuation fees, setup fees or asking you to put monies on account with them, walk away!

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Selling in the traditional archaic way, 1 in 3 under offer properties falls through, costing sellers thousands, 6-9 months of heartache and uncertainty trapped in a chain.By selling direct to Liquid Properties, you cut out the middle-men, saving you thousands on agents’ fees. You’ll also avoid months of uncertainty, endless viewings and the nightmare of being trapped in a slow chain with no guarantee of a sale. By selling to Liquid Properties you can choose a completion date from 14 days and you can even request an upfront cash advance.
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We can provide proof of funds on request. We are in a strong financial position to act immediately and buy homes from 14 days if that suits you.

We don’t need to obtain a mortgage as we have a panel of discreet wealthy private investors who invest with us. Thereafter we purchase properties in cash, giving them a fixed return between 7-9% p.a. in exchange for their first charge security over the asset.

We don’t always need cash to purchase, because we can structure a sale and purchase using other methods depending on what our clients need to achieve. On some occasions we may choose to purchase using our commercial funding line, which means we have instant access up to £5,000,000 of commercial finance. This enables us to purchase properties as quickly as in 14 days.

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