How it works

Liquid Properties is there for you and ready to purchase at a fair price whenever you’re ready to move onto the next chapter and sell your house quickly. Get your no-obligation cash offer now!

1. Instant online valuation

Get a free and instant online valuation. Tell us what makes your home unique. Our secret formula and algorithm looks at millions of data points to give you an instant and accurate guide price in seconds and, if you want to sell, we’ll be ready to purchase at a fair price.

2. Next day cash offer

You’ll benefit from the most competitive, genuine no-obligation offer within one day, underwritten by our local experts, and we can show you exactly how we got to it. Simply accept our no-obligation provisional offer and we’ll conduct an internal inspection to firm things up.

3. Property inspection

One of our experts will conduct an internal inspection at your convenience, as our offers are subject to an internal inspection. We’ll contact you within 24 hours after our inspection to formalise our offer.

4. Compare our offer

We encourage you to compare our offer to valuations and offers from other agents and cash-buying companies. Choosing us means you would receive at least the guaranteed amount and a cash advance can be available whenever you need it*.

5. Quick sales process

We are not estate agents: we’re the buyer. Therefore, we immediately start with searches and checks on day one, which means that if any problems arise with legal issues we can solve them right away rather than have them delay the sale at the 11th hour.

6. Cash advance when needed

You can get the cash whenever you need it from the point of exchange of the contracts. We will advance up to £10,000 cash ourselves, which will be secured against the property we are buying. Talk to us if you need the cash right away.

Get your no-obligation cash offer now!

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