Liquid Properties, a Brighton start-up that guarantees to buy your house within 60 days, raises undisclosed sum

Source: By Gemma Hicks-Logan – Published in The Argus Newspaper

Liquid Properties is a Brighton based prop-tech start-up Company, who promises to buy your house within 60 days or they will pay your mortgage until you complete.

Since its soft launch in May 2017, the company has been causing quite a stir due to having discreetly raised an undisclosed sum in funding, without using crowdfunding or venture capital.

In addition to this, their business model is intriguing. They operate as a smart hybrid between an estate agency and a cash buying company, helping to sell their customers’ homes with guarantees that other companies simply cannot offer.

They set themselves apart from the rest by using a commercial acquisition and disposal approach, backed by a tech-enabled valuation model, making the process they use to buy and sell properties, a unique one.

The benefits to their customers seem clear. They can give you an instant online valuation, 24 hours a day, along with a guaranteed sale price. They can even offer you a guaranteed completion date, as they promise to buy your house within 60 days at 90-94 per cent of market value, or pay your mortgage until they complete.

Liquid Properties relies on tech, data, complex algorithms and human beings to look at over 28 million different data points to accurately value their clients’ properties. This takes all of the pressure away from sellers, including any worry about the process not working, because if they are ever wrong they will take the hit, not you.

The clever start-up can even offer you more than the value they guarantee to buy your home for by splitting some of the increased profits with you up to a 50/50 ratio. They add value at their own expense by carrying out light refurbishment or complete redevelopment, after which they either complete the sale themselves, or resell within a fixed period, which seems great if you want to achieve more than any high street estate agencies valuation.

Their unique approach seems to eliminate the uncertainties of selling the traditional way, which often locks people into slow moving property chains with no guarantee of a sale. This leads to people losing out on their dream home and wasting time and money on the market.

It appears that Liquid Properties has managed to completely remove these flaws from the selling process, offering the best option to those wanting to sell their home quickly and for a guaranteed price, which is not compromised.

The first few weeks has seen the clever start-up receive enquiries of low seven figures on property in the south-east, and Mr Antonio de Marco said: “Liquid Properties will be selective over the properties we offer our guarantee on at this early stage.”

If you have a property you are thinking of selling and would like a free valuation and no obligation guaranteed offer, please contact Liquid Properties acquisitions team on 01273 634868 /, or email

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Source: By Gemma Hicks-Logan – Published in The Argus Newspaper

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