Philanthropists Liquid Properties stops repossessions and seeks advice from Shelters interim director

By Gemma Hicks-Logan – The Argus

Brighton based prop tech company, guarantees to buy your home within 14 days, or pay your mortgage until they complete.

The company is quickly gaining momentum and media interest due to their unique approach, inspiring work ethic and the positive differences they possess when compared to their competitors.

Not only have they found a unique approach to buying and selling property, they also seek advice on homelessness from the UK charity Shelter, and look to liaise with the charities interim director, Mr Graeme Brown, sourcing his opinion and advice on the current situation of homelessness in the UK.

What’s so intriguing, and has the press interested in Liquid Properties’ journey, is how Philanthropy is at the core of the company’s mission and values. This is very encouraging to see, as such an approach is usually rare in the world of business, especially during the start-up phase. Most founders of billion dollar companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, don’t make philanthropy a part of their start-up approach at all, at least not during their initial launch phase.

From looking at Liquid Properties website, it is clear to see that their positive work ethic and business approach is not only bringing in media interest, but also interest from high level investors, which is a very good start for the company and stands them in good stead to maybe become a future billion-dollar company themselves.

Their website states: “We’re attracting some great discreet investors that love what we’re doing here at We’re working with some incredible people who have great financial acumen and who are constantly adding value to our team and growing community of homeowners looking to sell their homes quickly, with a guaranteed sale and without giving their hard-earned equity away.

Personal and privately funded philanthropy has many positive benefits, such as no need for government grants or donations to cover running costs or staff salaries, which is usually necessary for non-profit organisations, or full philanthropic community programmes, a philanthropic model that Liquid Properties seems to closely follow.

In addition to these factors, the companies founder, Mr. Antonio DeMarco, will have free reign to steer their philanthropic offerings in whatever direction he feels necessary, which is a great position for such a young company to be in.

The companies approach and business model will mean that Mr DeMarco can use his position of power and discretion to help people who are at threat of having their homes repossessed, thus helping households to avoid homelessness.

The company appears to ensure that their customers, both current and potential, have up to date and leading advice on homelessness.

Not only do they offer advice, their website states can give you a “cash advance of up to £10,000” and a representative from will attend court on your behalf to use their property acquisition and disposal expertise in order to satisfy the court, your mortgage lender and to save your home from being repossessed.

For those wanting to sell their home quickly, the company’s website details their process, stating that they will give you an instant valuation, followed by a next day cash offer just a few percent below its true market value. In addition to this they offer a guaranteed completion date from 28 to 60 days. Should the process take longer than 60 days, Liquid Properties will pay your mortgage until they have completed, which seems a no-brainer for anybody considering selling their home anytime soon!

You can contact Liquid Properties on 01273 634 868, online at or Twitter @Liquid_Property

By Gemma Hicks-Logan – The Argus

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