Interested in up to 9% ROI p.a.?


7-9% p.a VS. 1% p.a (bank)

We are constantly raising private finance from the general public and sophisticated high net worth investors who want to achieve up to 1,700% more p.a. than they are getting from a high street bank. All capital invested will be secured against liquid residential property in the south-east. Liquid exit strategy The property would be sold within the term agreed. The first charge investor would receive all of their initial investment back, plus the fixed guaranteed return of up to 9% per annum directly from their solicitor once the property has been disposed of.

Strength of our guarantee

Our reputation is put on the line every time we purchase, which is frequently. We have assets, we hold options over assets, we have equity, we have security and you have our guarantee combined with the 1st charge security over the sole asset in question. In simple terms, if we don’t do what we say, you can sell at any time and recoup your initial investment plus your guaranteed return of up to 9% plus any surplus value in the property, as you will have full control over the asset.

How does it work?

We guarantee our clients a fixed return up to 9% per annum, regardless of whether the market rises, remains the same or falls. We can guarantee this due to the fact that an investor would invest the required amount to purchase the property we have acquired below the market value. The asset would have the provision of a further margin for value to be added, which we would add immediately from exchange of contracts to ensure that the property possesses instant equity of typically 15% from legal completion.

What are the risk?

There are very few.. Your investment will be secured by 1st charge over a discounted investment property in the south-east of England. We have minimised the risks for our clients by ensuring all privately funded properties possess a minimum of 15% instant equity from completion. In the unlikely event that the asset needs to be disposed of quickly, i.e. a market correction, this would occur swiftly. The built-in margins ensure that the investor would receive all of their investment plus their guaranteed return as first charge priority.


If you are looking to earn up to 1,700% more than is currently offered by the high street banks, or you would like more information, simply email and one of our advisers will contact you shortly.