Liquid Properties Philanthropy – Stopping Repossession In Brighton. Avoid Repossession in Brighton.

Dear Homeowner, we can Stop Repossession

The Philanthropy Team here at are sorry to hear of the challenges you are facing and we are glad you have reached out to us so we can help you avoid repossession, stop repossession and stop the eviction at no cost to you whatsoever.

To use the Philanthropy Team at, it’s completely free and we are pleased to say you won’t lose your home if you can demonstrate:

1 You can afford to meet your monthly contractual mortgage payments, in addition to

2 A reasonable and consistent monthly mortgage payment towards the mortgage arrears balance that will ensure, by the end of the mortgage term, the arrears will be cleared in full.

We are pleased to inform you that, even if your mortgage lender has applied for a legal eviction warrant, on application (N244) of the warrant the judge will and can cancel or suspend the possession order and any subsequent eviction warrant, to allow you to make the payments continuously moving forwards.

With this understanding of the law, it is simply your right under S36 of the Administration of Justice Act and over the years our team has stopped numerous repossessions taking place on this basis by understanding the law.

What is Philanthropy at all about?

The Philanthropy Team here at are committed to stopping residential repossessions and helping homeowners and landlords like yourself remain in your home so you can avoid repossession, stop repossession and stop the eviction from taking place, even if a possession order has been granted and you have an eviction date looming.

If you need to avoid repossession taking place, stop a repossession and/or stop the eviction going ahead, you will get free and independent advice from the Philanthropy Team at who will hold your hand through the options available for you to avoid repossession in Brighton, stop repossession in Brighton, avoid repossession in Eastbourne, stop repossession in Eastbourne, avoid repossession in Hastings, stop repossession in Hastings and throughout the South East and stop any eviction taking place in the South East.

How does it work if you stop our repossession?

If you are facing mortgage repossession in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings or the South East or wanting to avoid repossession in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings or the South East, all you  need to do is call the Philanthropy Team at philanthropy on 01273 634 868 or email to speak to one of our philanthropic advisors.

When shall I contact to stop my repossession?

If you already have an eviction date looming or a repossession hearing to attend or you are facing financial difficulties which will prevent you from meeting your mortgage payments, you can immediately start to work with the Philanthropy Team at and together we can help you avoid your home being repossessed if you act fast. You can contact us at any time and wherever possible. We’ll intervene and support you free of charge no matter what stage of the repossession or eviction you are at. 

Negative consequences

If you decide not to consult the Philanthropy Team at to avoid repossession in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings or to stop repossession in Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings, you may get evicted and your home may be repossessed in just a few short weeks.

By not instructing Liquid Properties to stop your repossession or to avoid repossession in the South East you won’t know how to delay the repossession, suspend the repossession, and avoid the repossession and eviction altogether, and you will be evicted and lose your home. 

Positive opportunities

Our Philanthropy Team here at will skillfully and carefully guide throughout the stressful and challenging court appearances. With your authority we will represent you in front of the judge and your mortgage lender to prepare and negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf, to help you avoid repossession.

As soon as you get in contact with our Philanthropy Team here at, we will notify your mortgage lender, the court and the judge, which will give the court, the judge and your mortgage lender complete confidence that you are trying to avoid repossession and our intervention will help delay the eviction for us together to propose a solution that satisfies the court, the judge and your mortgage lender so you can remain in your home.

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up the contractual mortgage payments.

If you need some free advice and support, or you want us to attend a repossession hearing or eviction hearing in the South East, simply email or call 01273 634 868 today.